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Offer : Get flat 50% off + Extra 5% off on Multi Vitamins
Get flat 50% off + Extra 5% off on Multi Vitamins.|Use the given coupon code at the time of checkout.|Go to the landing page to explore more.| Valid till : 30-11-2022
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Specialty Supplements : Avail Upto 58% Off + Extra 5% Discount
Specialty Supplements – Upto 58% Off + Extra 5% Discount |Use the given coupon code at the time of checkout.|Go to the landing page to explore more.| Valid till : 30-11-2022
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10% OFF  New User Offer : Get Flat 10% OFF On All Products
Get Flat 10% OFF On All Products |Use the given coupon code at the time of checkout.|Go to the landing page to explore more.| Valid till : 30-11-2022
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20% OFF: Get Flat 20% OFF On All Products
Get Flat 20% OFF On All Products |Use the given coupon code at the time of checkout.|Go to the landing page to explore more.| Valid till : 30-11-2022
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OFF: Get Flat 15% OFF On All Products
Get Flat 15% OFF On All Products |Use the given coupon code at the time of checkout.|Go to the landing page to explore more.| Valid till : 30-11-2022
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HK Vitals is a young startup working on providing high quality genuine fitness and well-being products at an affordable rate. They provide authentic consumables that you require to ensure your body is functioning at its optimum best. Save handsomely using coupons and offer codes for HK Vitals.Our products are curated by our team of highly experienced experts ensuring high quality, transparency and efficacy. We test our products at every step of the development process.We are committed to offering the best quality products for you. All our products are made at GMP-certified facilities under stringent quality control procedures that guarantee the best in class supplements.Over the last decade, our products have fulfilled the health needs of millions of people. Our strength is the relationship we have with you, which thrives on the trust you have in the quality and integrity of our products and services.Over the last decade, our products have fulfilled the health needs of millions of people. Our strength is the relationship we have with you, which thrives on the trust you have in the quality and integrity of our products and services.


  • Tablets and capsules:

These are the most common forms of health products. You get regular health tablets that can be consumed with water. You also get effervescent tablets that must be mixed with water before consumption. The last type of nutrition tablets are chewable, which you can consume like candy.

  • Powders:

Powdered nutrition products are also well-known. They can be mixed with water, milk or any other beverage according to the instructions given to you along with the product.

  • Liquids:

Liquid daily supplements are like syrups that contain the perfect combination of ingredients to give you great nutritional density. All you have to do is consume these health products in recommended dosage directly for your daily nutritional requirements.

  • To fulfil daily requirements:

The most common usage of nutrition products is to keep your daily nutrition in check and aid with body’s maintenance. In case you follow a predominantly vegetarian or vegan diet or have other restrictions, these daily supplements are an invaluable addition to your diet.

  • To support an active lifestyle:

If you are into fitness and have a physically demanding regimen, health products nourish you with nutrients like amino acids and protein for faster muscle recovery and better muscle health.

  • To prevent or overcome nutritional deficiencies:

If you already have a nutritional deficiency like iron or calcium, your doctor may recommend health supplements. They can also be used as preventative measures to avoid deficiencies and related issues.

  • For cosmetic reasons:

Essential micronutrients like biotin, vitamin E and vitamin C are included in specifically formulated nutrition supplement to resolve various issues related to the skin, hair and nails.

  • To prevent age-related health issues:

As you age, your body undergoes a lot of wear and tear. This can be delayed to prevent age-related issues. Supplements are health products that contain the right amount of these nutrients based on the age of the consumer.

  • For weight management:

Some health supplements are designed to help improve your fat metabolism. Others help you control your appetite without reducing your nutritional intake. Such health products are ideal for those who are trying to lose weight.

  • To improve your lifestyle:

If you have any issues like poor sleep patterns that are related to nutritional deficiencies, you may consume daily supplements with nutrients like zinc that can improve your sleep cycle.



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  • Apply the Discount Codein the Discount code box and avail of the extra Discount.
  • Add the address details and contact details and go ahead with the payment options.
  • Select the payment options and place your order at last.



You can do your payments through

  • Debit Cards
  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • RuPay
  • COD



  • All Products ordered from the Website and successfully delivered to the User by HK Vitals may be returned to HK Vitals in accordance with the terms contained in the respective policy.
  • However, no Products will be accepted by HK Vitals if (a) the Products have been damaged by the User (b) if there is a change in the quality, quantity or other characteristics of the Product (c) if as per the Seller the product returned is not the Product that was delivered (d) any other circumstances that the Website and/or the Seller may notify or deem appropriate from time to time.
  • Products should be received in original packaging and sealed condition. Opened or used boxes will not be accepted as returns. For issues like rashes, stomach upset, headache, flavor like/dislike, flavor difference from one brand to other etc. products would not be applicable for return. Please consult with the doctor before buying the product.


  • Return/Exchange should be initiated within 15 days of order delivery.
  • The tags on the product should be intact.
  • The product should be unused and in an undamaged condition.
  • The item needs to be returned along with the original packaging.
  • If the user wants to return the product within 15 days from the delivery date and HK Vitals does not offer pickup of the items, then user can return the package using any courier service of his/her choice.
  • Bright Lifecare Pvt. Ltd. Address: 2nd Floor, Parsvnath Arcadia, T 01, M G Road, Sector-14, Gurugram, Haryana 122001
  • How can I Self-Ship the product to HK Vitals?
  • If your area pin code is not serviceable for pickup, you will need to self-ship the return item via any reliable courier partner. Please ensure to place a sheet of paper with the details of Order ID and Return ID for each item included in the package.
  • For all self-shipped returns, you will be duly reimbursed the shipping costs. Therefore, please ensure that scan copy of courier bill/receipt is shared via email to The courier bill/receipt should satisfy the following conditions for successful processing:
  • It should capture the weight of the return package.
  • Residential/office address, destination address, shipment date, amount and other details should be mentioned.
  • The information on the receipt should NOT be edited/over-written.
  • The courier charge (amount mentioned on the receipt) should not overshoot the Sender- Destination-Service combination and shall be cross checked with the courier company.
  • This is subject to your returns being inspected and successfully processed upon receipt at our end.
  • In case of return initiated and subsequently couriered by the User himself/herself, and if it is found that the claimed shipment was not delivered to HK Vitals or the shipment was empty, the onus shall be on the User to prove through presentation/submission of Proof of Delivery (PoD) from the concerned logistic service provider to establish his/her claim of return. However, non-receipt of Product by the HK Vitals may lead to no refund/exchange being issued to the User. The User waives any claims against HK Vitals in this regard.
  • Refunds for courier charges shall be against a valid RVP slip/written confirmation from the courier company that the RVP has been done for a particular shipment/order.
  • In case of any discrepancy in the status of reverse pick up of a Product, (where the Users claims the Product has been returned, while our system suggests otherwise) refund will be initiated only if the Users successfully furnishes the RVP slip given at the time of the pick-up.
  • HK Vitals will not be liable for the products returned by mistake. In circumstances where a product not belonging to HK Vitals is returned by mistake, HK Vitals is not accountable for misplacement or replacement of the product and is not responsible for its delivery back to the User.
  • Size exchange can be availed only once at the special price of an item. Please take note that this is applicable only on Products that are exchangeable, as mentioned on the product page.
  • Once returned or in case the User does not receive the delivery within the time period agreed the User will be entitled to claim refund of the entire cost of the Product after adjusting relevant courier charges and such other charges that the Website may at its own discretion deduct. In case a User does not raise a refund claim as per the Terms, the User shall be ineligible for a refund. In the event, the refund facility is not available in full or in part for certain Products, the User shall not be entitled to a refund in respect of such Products.
  • All Products ordered by the User shall be eligible to be replaced in accordance with the HK Vitals’s replacement policy as indicated herein above, if the Product delivered is damaged, soiled or is different from the Product specifications mentioned on the Website.
  • In case of Size Exchange, the differential amount, if any, shall be forfeited. This will apply irrespective of any increase or decrease in the price of the product being exchanged.
  • Refund, if any, shall be made within 15 working days of the receipt of the returned product by HK Vitals, at the same issuing bank through which the Product was purchased. For cash on delivery transactions, the User has the option to receive the refund in any bank account via NEFT (for which the User shall have to share the bank details) or, the refund will be credited to the wallet linked to his/her User account on the Website.
  • For payments made through electronic means like debit card, credit card, net banking, wallet etc. refund shall be made using the same payment mode.
  • All refunds shall be made in Indian Rupees only.









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