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Offer : Avail Flat ₹ 200 OFF on Orders over ₹ 1000
Get ₹ 200 OFF on Orders over ₹ 1000.| Shop on Saffola.| Use the coupon code to avail the offer.| Go to  the landing page to get the offer now.
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Get Flat ₹ 50 OFF on Orders over ₹ 500
Get Flat ₹ 50 OFF on Orders over ₹ 500. | Shop on Saffola.| Use the coupon code to avail the offer.| Go to  the landing page to get the offer now.
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Amazon Great Indian Festival is Here – Get Today’s Amazing Offer On Saffola |Get Upto 60% OFF +Extra 10% instant discount on HDFC bank Debit/Credit Card & EMI. *T&C Apply.
Get Today's Amazing Offer on Amazon Great Indian Festival on Saffola |Avail Upto 60% Off+Extra 10% instant discount on HDFC bank Debit/Credit Card & EMI. *T&C Apply.| Go to landing page to ...
Avail up to 21% OFF on Honey
Get up to 21% OFF on Honey | Shop on Saffola. | Go to  the landing page to get the offer now.
Get up to 52% OFF on Beauty & Hygiene
Avail up to 52% OFF on Beauty & Hygiene.| Shop on Saffola. | Go to  the landing page to get the offer now.
Get up to 16% OFF on Instant Noodles
Avail up to 16% OFF on Instant Noodles.| Shop on Saffola. | Go to  the landing page to get the offer now.
Offer : Get 20% OFF on All Orders Site-Wide
Avail 20% OFF on All Orders Site-Wide.| Use the coupon code to avail the offer.| Go to  the landing page to get the offer now.
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Nowadays online shopping made our life much easier, now we can shop from anywhere, without visiting any shopping mall or stores. SAFFOLA ONLINE SHOPPING becomes even more fascinating when we get SAFFOLA PROMO CODES, which can be used to get some of the best deals at SAFFOLA SALE. With constant deals and offers served at you will be able to save big and making use of SAFFOLA PROMO CODE will help you get Saffola products even at their best price. At you will be able to get numbers of Saffola Coupon Code and you can avail maximum SAFFOLA DISCOUNT on shopping at SAFFOLA. If you are shopping for the first time in the Saffola then you can get SAFFOLA NEW USER COUPON and SAFFOLA FIRST ORDER COUPON. You can avail any of the SAFFOLA DISCOUNT COUPON given at to grab the latest Discount given at Saffola Online Store.


It is very important to eat right in order to feel right. And, when it comes to eating right, oil has been considered to be most harmful ingredient. But, with the help of Saffola, you can eat your heart out without any worry. The brand has the best in the world cooking oil in the market. This premium cooking oil can also be availed at a discounted price using the super cool coupons and deals available right here!Founded in the year 1960, Saffola oil is the oldest, largest and the most trusted cooking oil in the Indian market. The brand has reached this place today because of its par-excellent quality oil and exceptional service. Its oil is produced using marvelous state-of-the-art machinery and excellent formula. Ideal for all cooking styles, you can use it for any dish and get a oh-so-delicious taste. The most vital reason why Saffola oil is the ruler is because of its oryzanol contain which helps to keep the cholesterol level in check.Saffola is a well-known brand that offers a variety of healthy products available at affordable prices. You can replace your usual products with Saffola and can have a healthier life. You can get a range of products on this website, like noodles, soya chunks, honey, green coffee, slim shakes, virgin oils, immunity boosters, oats, edible oils, and beauty & hygiene products. If you want some inspiration for the next dish that you are going to cook, using the ingredients listed on this website, you can check out the ‘Recipe Corner’ of the website.The oil they offer helps you to lower the cholesterol level and the honey helps you to be immune from many diseases. So, instead of using the usual products, switch and see the results yourself. The offered products include Honey, Shakes, Green Coffee, Oil, Salt and Oats and more.




There are a lot of products that are listed within this section of the website. If you want to buy the products like immunivedachyawanprash, Saffola gold, honey, green coffee, kadha mix, Saffola turmeric milk mix, natural virgin coconut oil, etc.

Virgin Oils:

You can find consumable oil in this part of the website. Some of the options that you have are Saffola Aura refined oil, Aura + Honey, Saffola Aura refined olive oil, gifting combo, oil + Oodles combo, oil + mealmaker soya chunks, extra virgin olive oil, etc.

Slim Shakes:

Slim shakes are protein rich shakes that comes in a range of flavors and varieties. Some of the flavors that you can try are, Royal Kesar Pista, Pista Almond, Swiss Chocolate, SaffolaFittify Hi Protein Slim Meal-Shake, Coffee Caramel, Alphonso Mango, etc. You can buy these products in a combo offer as well.

Green Coffee:

This is the healthier coffee option which has three time more antioxidants power, as compared to normal coffee. There are several flavor options that you have; examples are lemon mint, classic Green Coffee, classic strong, Kadha mix, green coffee classic, immunity combo, Green Coffee instant beverage mix, etc.

Pure Honey:

You can get pure honey in various sizes, at this online store. There are 3kg packs, 5 kg packs, 2 kg packs, 1 kg packs, etc. Apart from single units, you can buy the product also in combo packs and save money on your purchases.

Soya Chunks:

You can get soya chunks in several packs; there are options like 400gms and 1kg packs. Apart from single units, you can get the product in a pack of 2-3 units. You can also buy combos like soya chunks + green coffee, Aura refine oil + soya chunks, soya chunks + Fittify slim shake, etc.

Bauty + Hygiene:

There are a lot of products listed within beauty and hygiene section of the website. All the options that are listed within this section are, Coco Soul skin care, Livon serum, Parachute Advanced Gold Coconut Hair Oil, Parachute Advanced Jasmine Coconut Hair Oil, Marico’s Veggie Clean- Fruits & Veggies Cleaner, Travel Protect, etc.


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  • Add the address details and contact details and go ahead with the payment options.
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What is a blended edible oil and what are its benefits?

Blended edible oils are a blend of two or more edible oils. As per the National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) guidelines, for balanced nutrition from fats, we need a good balance of all types of fats. Most single seed oils are rich in either MUFA or PUFA, which are healthy fats. Since blended edible vegetable oils give a good balance of both MUFA & PUFA, they provide complete nutrition from fats.

Are Saffola Oils blended oils?

Yes, Saffola oils are a blend of two edible vegetable oils which use dual seed technology to provide balanced nutrition from fats.

What is MUFA & PUFA? How is it good for me?

MUFA and PUFA are unsaturated fats that are vital for good health. A good balance of MUFA (Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acids) and PUFA (Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids) in your diet helps with complete nutrition from fats which is essential for good health.

What is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance that is found in your body’s cells and bloodstream. While cholesterol is a part of a healthy body, high levels of bad cholesterol can contribute to a higher risk for developing cardiovascular disease. In addition to cholesterol produced by your body, the food that you eat can impact your cholesterol levels as well. Therefore, understanding and managing cholesterol levels are vital for all age groups.

What is the refining of oil? Why is refining necessary?

Refining of cooking oils is a process in which anti-nutritional and unsafe substances are eliminated from the vegetable oil to make it safe for us to consume. As per FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India), all refined oils that conform to its standards are safe for health. Also, the refining process increases the storage stability of cooking oils.

What are antioxidants?

Antioxidants are substances that help fight free radicals. Free radicals in your body can cause oxidative damage leading to various diseases. Hence, adding an antioxidant-rich diet to your routine helps strengthen your immunity against diseases.

What is Oryzanol?

Oryzanol is a natural antioxidant found in rice-bran oil which helps manage cholesterol.


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