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Get Unlimited Data, Free Incoming & Outgoing Talktime For 3 Months At $18/ Month On SIM Transfer | $28 for New Users 
Get Unlimited Data, Free Incoming & Outgoing Talktime For 3 Months At $18/ Month On SIM Transfer | $28 for New Users. |Apply The Coupon Code To Avail The Offer. |Hurry! Limited Period ...
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New User Offer- Get $38 Off On New SIM Card Registration
Get $38 Off On New SIM Card Registration.| Apply The Coupon Code To Avail The Offer. |Hurry! Limited Period Offer.  
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Get Avail Free Unlimited Data For 3 Months + Extra $38 Discount
Get Free Unlimited Data For 3 Months + Extra $38 Discount.| Apply The Coupon Code To Avail The Offer. |Hurry! Limited Period Offer.  
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Save Upto $209 On iPhone 12 Pro Max
You can Save Upto $209 On iPhone 12 Pro Max.| Apply The Coupon Code To Avial This Offer.| Enjoy a waiver of your $38 Registration Fee with your Combo Plan.| The plan is available to all Credit ...
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Get 50GB 4G Data For 6 Months Starting At $18 Only
Availt 50GB 4G Data For 6 Months Starting At $18 Only+ Extra $38 Discount.| Apply The Coupon Code To Avail The Offer. |Hurry! Limited Period Offer.  
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Circles. Life is the leading Telecom Brand in Singapore providing almost all telecommunication services like Mobile Calling, Landline and many more Value added services. Circles.Life is more than just Asia’s first fully digital telco. Since we launched in 2016, we remained focused in our mission to give power back to the consumer. Through our game-changing digital products and no-contract, data-focused mobile plans, we’re revolutionizing the digital services industry through a customer-centric user journey.They also have an online website to guide the current tariff plans. They Offer no contract data focused plans which has brought a whole new experience to the digital market. They provide you with the best possible services for national as well as international usage. They are on a mission to reimagine the mobile experience for the customers and empower the customers to manage and design their own mobile plan to fit their needs.This company is well known to provide all telecom services at affordable rates. Their services include landline, mobile calling, and other value-added services. Since this company caters to all mobile needs, you can rely on them for every mobile service.

Circle Life is a cloud-based technology platform that came forward to help the customers with its innovative products and services. With their online website, they offer current plans and no contract data plans to give a hassle free browsing experience. Whether you want the plans for national or international purpose, this company makes sure to give the best services. Choose from their different mobile plans to fit your requirements and needs.



  • 50GB for $20
  • 20GB Basic Plan
  • Unlimited Data with Rollover
  • Family Plan (Multi-device)
  • Data Only Plans
  • eSIM


  • iPhones
  • Samsung Phones
  • Xiaomi phones
  • Number Transfer
  • Corporate
  • CIS Plans
  • Business Solutions


  • Have a look at all the latest Circles Life Sg Discount Codes, Offers, coupon codes, and deals on
  • Select the Circles Life Sg Coupon or Deal that you want to use.
  • Click on the Avail Coupon | Avail Deal Button that you like the most and want to use.
  • Visit the landing page and add the products to your cart and click on go to cart button.
  • Create an account or sign in to your Circles Life Sg account.
  • Apply the Discount Codein the Discount code box and avail of the extra Discount.
  • Select the payment options and place your order at last.


  • We will bill you monthly or more frequently if your usage exceeds or is likely to exceed your credit limit. Please note that we do not store any personal card details.
  • If you update a card for a particular phone number, we are obligated to charge only from the newly added card and not the old one. This does not include other phone numbers that the customer might have.
  • In the absence of fraud or manifest error, all our records concerning your usage and Charges are conclusive evidence of the accuracy and completeness of all matters stated.
  • Your bill will reflect the Charges based on the terms and conditions of the Services provided to you. We may, at our discretion, authorize any entity within the Liberty Wireless Group of Companies to issue bills and collect payment of Charges on our behalf.
  • Unless otherwise stated, all Charges payable are exclusive of any stamp duty, value added, goods and services or similar taxes or duties and government charges (“Taxes”).
  • You shall be solely liable and shall pay and indemnify Liberty Wireless in respect of all applicable Taxes. If any deduction or withholding for or on account of Tax is imposed by Applicable Laws (or the laws of any jurisdiction outside Singapore) in respect of any payment due to us, such deduction or withholding shall be solely borne by you and the amount payable to us shall be increased by such amount so deducted or withheld as is necessary to ensure that we receive payment equal to the amount which we would have received in the absence of such deduction or withholding.


  • For the purposes of these Circles.Life General Terms and Conditions, you are a Minor if you are less than 18 years old.
  • You are eligible for our basic post-paid services (excluding international telephone services, roaming services and any other services as Liberty Wireless deems fit in its discretion) provided you are at least 16 years old.
  • Liberty Wireless reserves the right to require a guarantor prior to offering any Services to Minors


  • A fee of $32 (“Fee”) will be applied for a request to change the mobile number of a Circles.Life customer. The Fee may be charged immediately. There may be an additional fee if the requesting customer selects a special number. In such cases, the total fee would be $32 plus the price of the special number.
  • The customer will need to specify three separate mobile numbers that are available on the Circles.Life website.
  • The number change service is offered on a best effort basis and may take up to three working days. The Circles.Life customers will need to satisfy the following criteria to be eligible for a number change request:
  • Customer does not have any outstanding bills or dues
  • Customer has not changed mobile number in the same month
  • Customer not have port-in scheduled in the same month


  • Users who are already subscribed to a post-paid service with another Mobile Services Provider (“Donor Operator”) can port-in their numbers to Circles.Life under the following conditions:
  • The number to be ported-in is under a post-paid offer with the Donor Operator;
  • The number to be ported-in is currently active and not suspended with the Donor Operator.
  • Users requesting a port-in will be given a temporary number to start availing Circles.Life services until the port-in is successfully processed. The temporary number will be terminated after a successful port-in.
  • If the owner of the number to be ported-in is a different person from the User, the identification details provided by the User to Circles.Life will not match the identification details registered with the Donor Operator.
  • In this scenario, the owner of the number will have to provide his/her NRIC/ID and complete an authorization form available for download on the Circles.Life app. Post this, Circles.Life will help transfer the ownership of the number to be ported-in from the current owner of the number to the User by liasing with the Donor Operator.
  • The User will have to upload the aforementioned documents through the Circles.Life app in order to avail the port-in. In particular, a port-in request with transfer of ownership cannot be submitted upon checkout when the User purchases his/her plan.
  • Life reserves the right to accept or reject the aforementioned documents at its discretion. Circles.Life reserves the right to correct the Donor Operator and reinitiate port-in in case the User indicated the wrong Donor Operator in the port-in request form.


Live chat on the Circles.Life app

Or use the Web Chat service

Mon-Fri: 8AM to 11PM

Sat-Sun & PH: 8AM to 8PM

Drop us a voicemail and we'll call you back within 1 working day.

+65 8742 1330







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