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Vitamin C Serum for Face with Hyaluronic Acid
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Ebay India is India's One of the largest online marketplace where there more than 1000 verified sellers and lakhs of buyers visits them almost everyday. Ebay.in is the Indian subsidiary of Online retailing giant Ebay.com. Its operations are localized in 30 countries, across the world. EBay is world’s biggest online marketplace, with 128 million active users around the world. The company was founded in 1995 and connects diverse individual buyers with Individual sellers and small businesses worldwide. There are more than 500 millions products listed on eBay. Earlier the company used an ‘auction’ model for selling, where buyers had to bid for the product but now it also has normal ‘buy-it-now’ style selling mechanism. The company also owns the online money transfer behemoth PayPal, making it safer for its users to transact. Ebay India started as an auction and bidding website but today it has converted into a full fledged E-Commerce marketplace. eBay is a well- known e- commerce website. This online shopping portal has a plethora of options available for one to choose from. With varied categories of endless choices, eBay is the one stop destination for all your needs. Founded in the year 1995, eBay started as a consumer-to- consumer-based business portal. Eventually, the firm branched out, earning notable success in time and is now one of the multi- billion dollar companies. So if you love purchasing your goods online and do look out for interesting new collections, then eBay is the right place for you. But it doesn’t just limit to purchasing, you can even sell your goods here. Great, isn’t it. So what are the offerings you ask? Well, anything from electronics, home decor, fashion, health to any other category of product, you can get everything. The deals page on eBay is one to look out for every day, with crazy deals in place, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this. eBay India offers eBay coupons from time to time you can grab them on this website. You can avail discounts using the promo codes. Look out for offerings on both Visa and Master credit and debit cards. from leading banks such as ICICI, CITI Bank, HDFC Bank, SBI Bank, Axis Bank, DBS, IndusInd Bank. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and check out their website and you just might end up buying something. Stay tuned on this website as more great offers come your way. They recently also launched their deals section called Ebay Deals.


E-bay has over 500 millions product listings across hundreds of categories, a seller can basically upload anything he/she wishes to sell, no matter how big or small or the intended use of the product. Some of the broad and top-selling categories at Ebay.in are-

  • Mobile Phones & Accessories
  • Laptops, Tablets & Peripherals
  • Fashion
  • Audio & Home Entertainment
  • Home & Living
  • Data Storage
  • Jewellery & Diamonds
  • Camera & Optics
  • Auto accessories & Parts
  • Toys Games & School
  • Books
  • Baby & Mom


  • Have a look at all the latest Ebay Discount Codes, Offers, coupon codes, and deals on xcoupons.in
  • Select the Ebay Coupon or Deal that you want to use.
  • Click on the Avail Coupon | Avail Deal Button that you like the most and want to use.
  • Visit the landing page and add the products to your cart and click on go to cart button.
  • Create an account or sign in to your Ebay
  • Apply the Discount Codein the Discount code box and avail of the extra Discount.
  • Add the address details and contact details and go ahead with the payment options.
  • Select the payment options and place your order at last.


You can do your payments through

  • Debit Cards
  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • RuPay
  • COD


  • Shipping options or Shipping policy define handling times, shipping costs and other options that you offer to buyers.
  • Checkout the international shipping services that are offered by the logistic partners in your city and what are the shipping methods they provide.
  • Then you need to calculate how much would be the shipping cost that you will have to incur given the weight and the possible buyer’s location or destination of shipment.
  • Then you need to evaluate the different shipping times offered for having your item shipped internationally. This is important since you are doing Cross Border Trade.
  • Free shipping — more than 80% of buyers look for items with this option. And the free shipping option boosts the listing’s visibility.
  • Offer at least one option for Expedited Shipping, at extra cost — in order to give your buyers as many options as possible.
  • Shipping costs are paid by the buyer who needs the item urgently, in addition, you save on eBay fees since the Expedited Shipping cost is not included in the item’s total cost.
  • Offer shipping discounts and additional relevant promotions clearly — in order to win your buyers’ loyalty.
  • Handling time is the number of business days between when you receive payment for an item and when your package is scanned by your shipping carrier.
  • When you list your items, please consider how you set handling time. Buyers are most interested in reliable estimates and your handling time factors into the estimated delivery date that eBay shows on your listings to the buyer. We recommend that you are realistic about what is achievable for you and your business.
  • The estimated delivery is calculated based on the following:
  • The date the buyer pays for the item (the day payment is received is considered day 0).
  • The buyer’s proximity to the item’s location.
  • The seller’s handling time.
  • The shipping service selected.
  • Other factors may be included, like the seller’s shipping history.


  • Check the status of your order via the Order Tracker page.
  • All you need is your order number and email address.
  • Track your parcel by following the link in your Shipment Confirmation email. This will be sent to you as soon as your parcel is shipped.


Points to keep in mind to ensure a smooth returns setup:

  • Ensure that the product has a “return shipping” label
  • Ensure that the product has clear instructions for how the buyer should pack and return it to you.
  • Be sure that (1) and (2) match the information set out on your listing.
  • Ask your logistics service providers how they can best help to make returns as easy and stress-free for you and your buyers.
  • If your policy is to accept Return Requests, you can set up rules that will automate the way that your accounts manage the different aspects of the returns process.

For example, you can create rules to:

  • Accept some returns automatically, while continuing to process others manually;
  • Refund buyers automatically and allow them to keep the item if the return shipping costs are higher than the cost of item in question; or
  • Provide different return addresses for different items.
  • Setting up automatic returns not only helps to save your time, but it is also a way to provide great customer service!.
  • Specifically, buyers tend to have a better buying experience when their Return Requests are sorted out quickly and without excess hassle.


Toll-Free Number:

(866) 961-9253

Report Fraud:

(866) 643-1607








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